Using a Gopro on Your Next Hunting Trip

Using a Gopro on Your Next Hunting Trip


There are some great hunting videos on the internet.  Displaying excellent perspectives and live action motion, they make you wish that you could make your own.  Thankfully, it is quite possible to create awesome videos of your hunt.  This can be done using a special type of camera which is designed for outdoor action.  Durable, portable, powerful and easy to use, the GoPro is a great device for capturing your hunting activity.  Here is how to use it to accomplish this.

Pick the right model

There are many models of this camera on the market.  Each one has its own unique characteristics and every one has a specific model that they prefer.  However, some models are more suitable for outdoor live action such as hunting.  An example of that is the Hero4Silver.  This model is rugged, hence will survive the knocks and tumbles that might occur during a hunt.  Secondly, it is capable of capturing fabulous footage due to its enhanced camera sensor.  As such, this is the best model to use for your hunting activities.

Get as close and personal as you can

To capture the emotion and excitement of the hunt as clearly as you can, try your best to get as close as possible to the animals.  Begin by mounting the camera firmly to a tree next to the spot where you intend to lure your prey.  After that, you can control the camera using Bluetooth technology in your phone!  Using this nifty feature, proceed to set an ultra wide view and begin shooting in 1080 pixels.  This will give you a crisp, clear footage of your hunt.

Get a blackout cover

Normally this camera has a pair of LED lights which blink as you record.  They are great for informing you that the camera is rolling.  However, they are sure to scare off your prey during the hunt.  To avoid this, you can cover the GoPro with a blackout cover.  It hides these lights as well as any shiny spots on the camera.  In doing so, the camera is camouflaged and the animals will not see it.

Get great audio as well

Footage without audio is bland.  Therefore, strive to get some sound in your recordings.  A waterproof case on your camera protects it from the rain or splashes of water.  However, it will hinder the sound recording ability.  To solve this, pick out a casing that has slits on the backplate.  This will allow the camera’s microphone to capture sound during your hunt.

Hunting is an exciting activity.  That’s why you want to capture all of the action.  This unique outdoor camera can help you to accomplish this.  Follow the tips listed here and you can record your hunting like a pro.

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