5 Tips for the New Hunter

5 Tips for the New Hunter


It’s your first hunting season and you want to make sure that you actually get some game, while staying safe and being comfortable.  That is completely doable so here are 5 tips for the new hunter to make your first excursion everything you want it to be.

Safeety & Clothing

We know we will be wearing camouflage, but it is wise to wear a neon vest of some color preferably bright orange.  The vest is so that other hunters see you and don’t mistake you for a deer and not just shoot anything that moves.

Time of Year and Weapon of Choice

What you use will depend on what type of hunting season it is.  Most hunter’s will most likely hunt for deer and at different times of the season you may be able to use a rifle, or a cross bow.  You should check on the state government website before heading out.

Territory and the Terrain

Know the territory and the terrain well before you go hunting this can actually save your life.  There could come a time where something unimaginable happens like getting hurt and you need to get back to civilization right now.  You need to know the way, always let someone know where you are going and when you are expected back.

Food Sources and Scent

By understanding what your prey eat this will give you a better idea where to hunt.  An area with little or no vegetation won’t be a great place to find game that you’re after.  A heavily vegetated area will have an abundance of prey that you are seeking after, but remember some animals only eat at night such as deer.  Knowing what scent means is very important when hunting, you always want to stay downwind so that the animals won’t scent you.

Know Your Target Surroundings

Before getting all excited over taking your first shot, look to see what is near and beyond the animal to make sure it is safe.  Most new hunters don’t take the time to look because they might miss out on that trophy buck that you have in your sights.  To be a great hunter that shoots well you might want to hit a gun range first and get in some practice.  It will also give you a better feel for the weapon you might be using.

Field Dressing

Now that you have claimed your prize you’re going to have to field dress the animal and dispose of the innards properly.  Knowing how to do this will help you keep your meat from becoming contaminated and make sure the meat is properly stored.  The innards need to be buried so as not to contaminated other animals or nearby water sources.  Here is how to field dress a deer.

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